Jennifer's Favorite DIY on Show Me St. Louis

Jennifer's Favorite DIY on Show Me St. Louis
Photo boards - January 14th, 2014  
Supplies needed:
Photos in the size you want
Boards cut down to the size that you need in the thickness that you want.  You can purchase a large 4' x 8' board at Home Depot or Lowes and have them cut down -- you can get multiple boards out of the one large one this way.
Paint - either household paint or spray paint to mach your decor
A bottle of Mod Podge
Paint brush
Picture hangers (or ribbon and hot glue or tacs if your photos are smaller)
Paint the sides of your board and a thin strip on top all the way around the board.  Let this dry overnight.  Brush on a thin even layer of Mod Podge onto the top of the board.  Place picture on board and press down and rub out to edges to make sure the photo is completely attached.  Nail on the picture hanger on the back (or glue/tac on the ribbon on the back if the photos are smaller and lighter)  Hang!  
Tulle Wreaths -February 11th, 2014
Supplies needed:
Round foam circle in the size wanted
Tulle on a roll in whatever colors you want to use (or by the yard -- cut into 6" x 26" strips)
Tube of E6000 glue (or glue gun)
Decorations of your choice to glue onto the wreath
Fold each strip in half and loop tie around the foam piece in the pattern that you want
Glue on the decorations
Hang using a tac in the wall (or glue a loop of ribbon on the back)
T-Shirt Scarves (shirts) - March 11th, 2014
Supplies needed:
Any short sleeve, tank or long sleeve t-shirt.  
Cut straight across the shirt directly below the sleeves.  Cut slits up the bottom of the shirt, as long or as short as you want the pieces.  After you cut the slits, pull down on each piece so that they curl up.  Roll the fabric to create a scarf.
Canvas Pet Silhouettes - April 8th, 2014
Supplies needed:
White canvas in the size you want.
Any type of paint in a bottle, can or jar in the color desired.
Ink Jet Printer 
8 1/2 x 11 printer paper
Print out a photo of the pet you would like to canvas.  It helps to crop it down as much as possible so that the animal becomes larger in the print.  
Print it on regular paper (I use the black and white quick draft to save on ink)
Cut out the animal, making sure to cut using every curve and indentation shown on your pet, the more detail in the cut the better.
Place the cut out piece wherever you want on the canvas.  Tape lightly to the canvas to hold in place.
Trace along the cut out with a pencil.
Remove cut out.
Paint the canvas, leaving the traced area white.  (it helps to start with a small paintbrush and paint right against the traced lines first, then paint the rest from there)
Let dry and hang!
Fun and quick DIY party ideas - May 13th, 2014
Bag of chips/candy/pretzels --- simply fold dow the sides to form a bowl out of the bag the chips are in
Chip clips - take old plastic hangers with the clips on the sides and cut off or break off the clips and use for chip clips!
Paper plate dish - Cut two slits about 2" apart on both sides of the plate.  Fold both halves over with the "tab" on each side on the inside of the plate.  Tape each side down. Add ribbon or tissue paper if wanted.
Take home cup cake holder - Take two small plastic solo cups, punch holes on either side of both cups (directly under the ridges on both sides) Stack cups and thread ribbon through one side of holes and make a bow.  Open up, set cupcake inside and then close again, tying a ribbon on the opposite side.
Water bottles -  Peel off label and take appropriate sized duct tape and wrap around bottle where label goes.  Use plain colored tape to write your own message on.
Charcoal fire starter - Take a CARDBOARD egg carton and place a charcoal briquette in each hole.  Close up, stick in fire pit and light the cardboard.
Easy ideas using common household items - June 3, 2014

Soda tab for making a double hanger
Paper clip for putting on hard to clasp bracelets
Paper clip holder for holding bobby pins
Bread tab for keeping your roll of tape from sticking to itself
Shower cap for holding your shoes in your suit case
Empy toilet paper roll for holding wrapping paper together
Stapler remover for opening key chain rings
Lighting a piece of spaghetti to light candles or birthday cake candles
Fun decorating ideas using balloons: - July 29, 2014
Sucker balloon - Cover balloon in clear mylar wrap, attach to a wooden doll rod (may decorate the doll rod if you wish)  Can stick these in the ground for a festive look
Ballon ice cream cone - Fold up a piece of paper into a cone shape, pull the string through the bottom, tape the string and the bottom of the cone together.
Tulle balloon - Cut the ribbon off of the helium balloon, cover the balloon in tulle, tie with ribbon on the bottom, glue flowers or other decoration to the bottom.  The balloon will stand straight up and in place on the table.
Balloon covered votive cup -  Cut a little bit of the tip off of a balloon.  Stretch the balloon open, drop a small votive cup in and pull the balloon up over it.  Stick down the part sticking up off of the top.  The hole can be used as a vase to hold flowers or any other object.
Balloon garland - Take and needle and thread a string through the knotted part of the balloon.  You can string together as many balloons as you want!
Balloon decorated cake -  Use any kind of thin wooden sticks (skewers), tape water balloons to the end and stick in the cake.  Great alternative for using candles.
Ice orbs for cooling drinks -  Fill up water balloons and stick in freezer to freeze.  Pull them out and put in your container of drinks to keep them cool!  Looks cute.
Cooking ideas using muffin tins - August 12th, 2014
Jewelry organizing tips - Sept, 9th, 2014
Halloween treat ideas - NO COOKING OR BAKING - October 14th, 2014
Ideas using card board letters - November 11, 2014
Red W - Large card board letter purchased at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's.  Prime it then paint it with regular paint or spray paint in the color of your choice (you can paint front only or front and back)  Let dry.  Use a box cutter or xacto knife and cut the back open leaving a hinge (one area attached so that it opens like a book)  Cut small holes/slits or large holes so that the bulbs from your strand of lights fit through and poke through the  front (far enough in that they back will close).  Hide the cord inside, keeping the battery compartment or plug sticking out and tape the back back on.  You can touch up the front with paint if the cardboard peeled or chipped while you were cutting.
Silver E & A -  Small cardboard letters.  Primed and painted in the color of your choice.  Pack of small dewdrop lights (found at Target in the Christmas lights section)  Mold the lights around the front of the letters and place drops of hot glue on the wires to hold in place.  Tape any excess lights to the back of the letter(s) if needed.
Chalk painted L -  Large card board letter primed and spray painted with Chalk Board paint.  Cover with approximately three coats, drying in between each coat.  
Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili
(that's a mouthful!)
2 chicken breasts, still frozen (or thawed)
1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 can corn kernels, do not drain
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 pkg. Ranch dressing mix
1 T cumin
1 t chili powder
1 t onion powder
1 8-oz pkg. cream cheese
Put the chicken in the crock pot.
Top with the tomatoes, corn,
the drained and rinsed beans,
ranch dressing, cumin, onion and chili powders,
stir to combine then top with the cream cheese.
Cook on low for 6-8 hours,( or on high for 4 hours if chicken is thawed) stirring once or twice to blend in the cheese.
Shred the chicken into large pieces and mix back in.
Serves 4 people

DIY Valentines Cards - February3, 2015

Bubble gum cards - Supplies: 4x6 photo paper (or card stock), xacto knife, pieces of gum and zip lock bag
Print close up of your child onto photo paper. Take xacto knife and cut small hole in the lips.  Blow up small pink balloon and stick the tied end through the hole.
Fill any small bag with gum and tape or staple the bag to the back.
Sucker cards - Supplies:  4x6 photo paper (or card stock), xacto knife and small suckers
Print a photo of your child with he or she holding her hand out in a closed fist position.  Take an xacto knife and cut a tiny hole at the top and bottom of the fist.  Stick the sucker through the holes.
Fortune cookie cards - Suppies:  Any kind of decorated paper, anything you can use to make a 5-6" round template on the paper, scissors, glue dots or double stick tape, strips of paper and a pen/marker/crayon.
Cut out a 5-6" round circle from the scrapbook paper, turn the paper to the non decorated side, put a little glue dot on the edge of one side and roll so that the side overlaps over the other side and stick it down with the glue dot/tape.  Turn it to the other side and make a dent/fold in the center and bring the two sides towards the middle.  Place another glue dot/tape in the middle to hold the sides together.  Write a message on one of the stips of paper and stick the paper in the fortune cooke (you can also but the paper in after you overlap the two sides and before you dent it)

DIY Silk Dyed Easter Eggs - March 10, 2015
Supplies needed:  Any fabric that is 100% silk (mens ties work great, or blouses or scarves)
Sewing thread
Take the silk and cut into 3" x 5" sections (if using mens ties, you must rip open the tie and take all of the lining out)
Wet the material and put the patterned side against the egg.  Cover the egg and smooth out any air bubbles.  There will be extra fabric on each side of the egg.  Take sewing thread and wrap the whole egg until all the fabric is sealed down on the egg.  NO need to attach the thread after wrapping, just cut.  
Put eggs into water and boil for 15 - 20 minutes.  Drain water and allow to cool ( you may run cold water over eggs)  
Un wrap eggs and the design transfers perfectly.
Gift Wrapping Ideas - April, 14th, 2015
Watch video to see the exact way to fold ANY paper item in your home into a gift bag!
How about using nut/Pringle containers for wrapping gifts, or how about folding the ends of empty toilet paper rolls to make pillow boxes??
Scarf Flip Flops - May 19th, 2015
Use plain pair of flip flops.  Take a long scarf and cut it as wide as you want it.  The wider the scarf the thicker the look on your straps.  Take the piece that you cut and fold it in half.  Loop it underneath the part of the shoe that goes in between your toes.  Then wrap each side all the way down to where the strap ends.  Put your foot in and wrap around your ankle and tie!
4th of July T Shirts for Kids - June 9th, 2015
White blank tshirts
Blue and red fabric paint
Pencil with a new eraser on top
Two paint brushes
Star decal
Watch the video for directions!
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March 25th - Cute prezel flower and chick treats for Easter
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