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Jennifer P Monday August 1, 2011
Your April special is similar to the necklace I won a while back from you. It's beautiful and I get compliments on it frequently. I really enjoy it. Thanks!
From: New York
Mark Queen Monday August 1, 2011
Once I have someone to buy jewelry for I will be coming you for it.
From: United States
Beverly Stroup Thursday March 31, 2011
What a wonderful talent you have. I love your designs and the creativity of your jewelry and site. Bev
From: Saint Louis, South County
Sarah V Sunday November 21, 2010
I was lucky enough to host one of your shows and LOVED it! THANK YOU so much for a wonderful night and great jewelry!
From: Kirkwood
PA Friday October 22, 2010
Barbara Arndt Friday October 22, 2010
I could sit here for hours looking at all your jewelry!!! Amazing...
From: St. Louis
Mary White Thursday April 29, 2010
After hearing how well you"re doing I just had to check it out. I am quite impressed.
From: Imperial
Peggy Leathers Tuesday March 2, 2010
What beautiful jewelry. You are so talented.
From: Arnold, Mo.
Sherry LaBoube Friday February 26, 2010
I came by to take a look at your jewelery!!! I must say I am VERY impressed, good job!!!!! AND CONGRATS!!!!!
From: St. Louis, MO
Amy Friday February 26, 2010
What a wonderful website!!! You guys rock!!I love it.
From: st. louis
Darren Saturday February 6, 2010
Way to go kid. Your website is awesome.
From: St. Louis


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